1921 Morgan Silver Dollars


1921 Morgan Dollar
    Long before the dollar bill switch before the Federal reserve note, it was a silver certificate. The concept of silver dollars has been around for years, yet it has failed to catch on with the modern consumer. Canada eventually solved this problem by taking its dollar bill out of circulation and forcing people to use coins.
    Various versions of the coin remained in circulation from 1878 to 1921. Free silver coinage ended briefly after the passage of the fourth coinage act. In 1878, however, designer George T. Morgan was given free reign to design a new coin by the U.S. Mint.

    A collector can expect to get about $20 for coin in very fine or excellent condition. The value nearly doubles for coins that look as though they never left the mint. The highest value a collector can expect for one of these coins is $80.

    Of course, with any coin the value depends on where it is circulated. The Philadelphia, New Orleans and San Francisco mints produced these coins as they had in previous years. Because it is the most recent Morgan Silver dollar, the price for the 1921 Morgan Silver dollar is not as high as it was for some of the earlier versions of the coin.