1904 Morgan Silver Dollars


1904 Morgan Dollar
    The 1904 Morgan Dollar almost marked the last year the coin would see circulation in the United States. Had the US Mint not decided to reissue the coin 19 years later, it would have been the last year. Many people collect gold and silver coins for their melt value. The melt value for the 1904 silver dollar is higher than the collectors value at the moment, although this may not remain the case depending on the economy.
    The value of the 1904 morgan dollar depends on the condition of the coin and the mint it came from. Philadelphia Morgan dollars that were circulated can range from $28 to 39 dollars with uncirculated pristine coins fetching $10,000 dollar or more at auctions. Silver dollars from the New Orleans mint range from $26 to $30 dollars if the saw circulation. Pristine coins can sell for as little as $37 or go as much for $3,010.
    As with all the Morgan dollars, the San Francisco coins are worth more than its counterparts, prices for the s coin can range from $25 for a well worn coin to $608 to a coin with almost no wear. Uncirculated coins start at a value of $1,200.