1896 Morgan Silver Dollars


1896 Morgan Dollar
   The 1896 Morgan silver dollar was one of a series of coins minted in the United States from 1878 through 1921. The coins were designed by George T. Morgan, an assistant engraver at the Philadelphia Mint. This decorative silver dollar features Lady Liberty on the obverse and an Eagle clutching an olive branch and arrows in his talons on the reverse. The coins have a reeded edge with a diameter of 38.10 millimeters and weigh 26.73 grams with a metal content of 90% silver and 10% copper.
    Total mintage for the 1896 silver dollar was 9,744,000. You can determine where the Morgan Dollar was minted by checking on the reverse of the coin right above the "DO" in dollar. An "O" means it was inted in New Orleans, an "S" stands for San Francisco and if there is no mark than it was minted in Philadelphia.
    Prices vary widely, depending on the quality of the coin and range from a low of $29.00 to a high of $69,000.00 for an exceptionally fine silver dollar.