1893 Morgan Silver Dollars


1893 Morgan Dollar
    The designer of the 1893 Morgan Silver Dollar was George T. Mason. Each coin measures 38.1 millimeters in diameter and weighs 26.73 grams. The metal content is ten percent copper and ninety percent silver.
    The Morgan Dollars lowest mintage occurred in 1893, when only around 1,450,000 of these silver dollars were produced. Of the four mints that made this coin that year, San Francisco produced the lowest amount of 100,000. The largest run occurred at the Carson City Mint, which produced about 677,000 Morgan Dollars during its final year of operation. Philadelphia contributed 378,792 more, and the remaining 300,000 silver dollars were made in New Orleans.
    The value of an 1893 Morgan Dollar can vary considerably. In general, though, the silver dollars minted in San Francisco are the most valuable. A coin from that mint that is in good condition has a value of around $1,900, and one with a condition of MS-65 can be worth as much as $617,500. A Morgan Dollar from the Philadelphia Mint has a value of about $190 if in good condition and $6,650 if in MS-65 condition.