1888 Morgan Silver Dollars


1888 Morgan Dollar
    The United States made the usual Morgan Silver Dollar at three of its mints. Workers at the mints in Philadelphia, New Orleans and San Francisco would watch the coins roll of the assembly line and not give any thought to what the value of the Morgan dollar might become.
    The silver dollar remains in circulation today, although silver is something of a misonmer. The Morgan Dollar from 1988 contained 64% silver that was mixed with other alloys. Such coins coming from New Orleans or Philadelphia can fetch anywhere from $20 to $40. Morgan Dollars from San Francisco were marked with a slam letter "s". A collector can expect $150 to $310 if they sell to another collector.
    If a collector can get a San Francisco silver dollar from 1888 in uncirculated condition, they might be able to get a little over $3,000 for it.