1887 Morgan Silver Dollars


1887 Morgan Dollar
    The Morgan Dollar is a silver dollar coined between 1878 and 1921. The 1887 Silver Dollar has an obverse side that contains a side-view picture of Lady Liberty, while the reverse side has a picture of an eagle with arms outstretched. The Morgan dollar was historically the first silver coin of the dollar denomination to be minted after the passage of the Fourth Coinage Act. It was named after the designer of the coin, George T. Morgan, who worked for the United States Mint as Assistant Engraver.
    Today, it is relatively common to find an uncirculated Morgan Dollar, and gem coins are easily obtainable and are not much more than the spot price of silver. The most common uncirculated rating for the 1887 Silver Dollar is MS-64, with MS-63 and MS-65 also being common ratings. These Morgan Dollars will be carefully encased and will show no signs of wear; this is because they were never circulated.