1884 Morgan Silver Dollars


1884 Morgan Dollar
    Named after its designer George T. Morgan, the Morgan silver dollar covers many years of circulation. In 1884, 28,136,000 coins were minted, of which 879 proofs are known to exist. Four of these proofs come from the Carson City mint, while the other 875 are from the Philadelphia mint.
    Each Silver Dollar has a diameter of 38.1 millimeters and weighs 26.73 grams. Its metal composition is 10% copper and 90 silver. The mintmark on the 1884 Morgan Dollar is located beneath the bow on the reverse side, and the edge is reeded. Only the Philadelphia strikes have no mintmark.

    The value of the Morgan Dollar is based on the current price of silver, the circulation of the coin, and the condition or grade of the coin. With a base rate of $29.04, the 1884 Silver Dollar Philadelphia and New Orleans mints are worth approximately $29.04 to $31.08 circulated and $36.52 uncirculated. The Carson City mints are worth $71.00 to 104.00 circulated and $132.30 uncirculated. The San Francisco mint has an approximated value of $31.08 to $47.50. Prices are not available for uncirculated S mints because of the extreme rarity of this piece.