1883 Morgan Silver Dollars

1883 morgan dollar
    The 1883 Morgan Dollar is a silver dollar named after its designer, George Morgan, a United States Mint Assistant. The face of the coin depicts a woman representing Liberty and the words "E Pluribis Unum", while the back of the coin depicts an eagle on an olive branch with its wings spread and the words "United States of America", "In God We Trust", and "One Dollar".
    The Morgan Dollar is a silver dollar with a face value of $1. Depending on its condition, the 1883 silver dollar is worth from $15 (circulated condition with wear) - $40 (uncirculated, mint condition). However, if the Morgan Dollar has a CC mint mark, rather than O, S, D, or no mint mark, the value of the coin ranges from $70 - $200. CC stands for Carson City, Nevada, and indicates where the coin was minted. To locate the mint mark, look above the letters "do" in "dollar" on the back of the coin. "O" stands for New Orleans, Louisiana, "S" stands for San Francisco, California, "D" stands for Denver, Colorado and the absence of a mint mark indicates the coin was minted in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.