1881 Morgan Silver Dollars


1881 Morgan Dollar
    The 1881 Morgan Dollar was minted in Philadelphia, San Francisco, New Orleans and Carson City. This silver dollar was designed by George T. Morgan and features Lady Liberty facing to the left on the obverse and the American Eagle with wings spread on the reverse.
    San Francisco had the largest mintage with a strike of 12,760,000 coins. Known for producing very high quality coins, many have held up very well over time. Relatively easy to find, these coins sell from about $50 to $1,000.
Located on the reverse under the bow is the mint mark "s".

    Philadelphia had 9,162,991 circulation strikes and also produced 984 proofs. They are the only one of the 4 mints to produce Morgan Dollar proofs in 1881. There is no mint mark shown on these Philadelphia minted coins. An NGC Proof-69 Morgan Dollar sold on July 31, 2002 for $46,000.

    New Orleans had circulation strikes totaling 5,708,000 in 1881. Their mint mark is "o". One of the more expensive 1881 coins, a PCGS-MS66 Morgan recently sold for $13,800.

    Carson City (cc) had a very small mintage of just 296,000 strikes. The low mintage and rarity was probably why one outstanding example recently sold for $46,000.