Morgan Silver Dollars

1895 Morgan Silver Dollar
The Morgan Silver Dollar was minted and circulated in the United States from 1878 - 1904, with an additional year of minting in 1921. The designer of the Morgan Dollar is George T. Morgan. He worked his way up from assistant engraver to Chief Engraver, a position he held for 8 years. George Morgan is remembered for designing many U.S coins, but the The Morgan Dollar is what he is most well known for.

Coins from the Morgan Silver Dollar series have become some of the most popular to collect. Over the years, Morgan Dollars have held up as great investments. This is caused by the overwhelming amount of silver in each coin. A Morgan Silver Dollar has .77344 troy ounces of silver, which is over 24 grams per coin. The price of silver has gone up over the years making the Morgan Dollar worth much more than its origianl dollar value.


The Morgan Dollar was only minted in five different city mints. They included Philadelphia, Carson City, Denver, New Orleans, and San Francisco. You can find the mintmark between the "D" and "O" on the reverse side of the coin below the tail feathers of the eagle. The value of Morgan Dollars vary based on which mint they were produced. Coins from the Carson City mint hold the most value as it produced the lowest mintage amounts.


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Two proof versions were struck in 1921, the "Chapman" and "Zerbe" proofs.
The 1889 CC is one of the most sought after coins in
the Morgan Dollar series.

MS-64 is the most uncirculatated grade, while Prooflike condition is harder to find.


Mostly seen in MS-63 Prooflikes with anything above MS-65 being extremely rare.


PR-67 is the most common proof example for this year.


1884 Morgan


The 1884 Morgan Dollar can be found in mint condition, with Prooflike and Deep Mirror Prooflike being much harder to obtain.

1893 CC


  The 1893 CC is most commonly found in MS-62 grade.


Proofs are easy to come by with a very large proof mintage.



MS-63 is the most common uncirculated grade with gems being less expensive.


1878 Morgan Dollar


There are many varieties of the 1878 Morgan including the 8 Tail Feathers, 7/8 Tail Feathers, 7 Tail Feathers-Reverse of 1878, and 7 Tail Feathers-Reverse of 1879.
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